Google Android occupies the biggest slice of the smartphone industry pie. Its compelling presence in the industry makes it imperative for all business looking at Mobile Application Development to have an impactful Android application. We at Saffron Tech have a brilliant development team known to deliver satisfactory Android apps of the utmost quality.


With the continual addition of higher-grade versions of Androids, it is essential that your Android app has a strong foundation, including the ability to be regularly upgraded so it can keep up with newer versions. Our team of developers are constantly working to meet the dynamic needs of the app, and are always equipped to add value to your app.


Android application development is meticulous, keeping in mind a host of enterprise settings so as to avoid barriers in communication with other external devices. Android apps can be easily integrated with other operating systems for devices like Bluetooth, and have unlimited connectivity. Encouraging content sharing enhance social network integration.


With the resounding promise of offering Android to all OEMs, Google has proved itself to be a fortress. The mobile app is consistently reliable, and keeps in mind the fragmentation of the Android devices in the market.


Android mobile app development is a 3 stage process involving OS, middleware, and the applications. There is a broad scope for exploring immense product development options while harnessing the potential numerous development tools Android has to offer.

Versatile UI

The User Interface of an Android Mobile App is unique and friendly. They have options for operating multiple intents simultaneously. This allows for sharing of data across applications. As per the client’s preference, the content can be displayed in linear, absolute, or table format.


Compared to other platforms, Google Play is less stringent and more flexible regarding the hosting of apps. This allows our creative developers to enjoy the freedom to explore numerous possibilities and deliver customized apps with countless uses.

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