Saffron Tech combines holistic and comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, technology expertise and business domain knowledge to deliver highly engaged and qualified organic search traffic.
Our streamlined business operations, such as content strategy, website optimization and web presence management, delivers results that meet client’s requirements, budget expectations and business objectives.
Organic search is all about being found in the right places and leveraging visibility to drive measurable and real growth.

How we can help?

At Saffron Tech we employ a holistic approach that blends keywords, backlinks and high quality content in the organic search methodology to promote client-centric results. We influence the customer search journey with innovative SEO planning. The following is a list of the steps we take during our holistic SEO process

  • Discovery and Audits: The initial phase of our organic search is understanding the nuances of a customer’s business, their objectives and their current position in organic search. Our SEO Audit process creates a comprehensive content marketing strategy and uncovers link building opportunities.
  • Effective Website Optimization: We begin with analyzing your customer’s journey to ensure that the website is relevant for important transactional search terms.
  • Website Content Development: We prepare content that is informational and answers the most researched queries. Our original and high quality content engages and converts users into customers.
  • Web Presence Management: We help you with relationship building through linking your site with online forums and key industry websites where potential consumers search for guidance before purchasing.
  • Continuous Optimization and Measurement: Our experts continuously keep a track of your project through measuring and testing your website conversion rate to keep a tab on the growing results.
  • Technical Optimization: Our Innovative SEO plans blend with all our other marketing efforts which makes search engines crawl your website efficiently.

We Possess Expertize in:

  • Spider Algorithm Synchronization
  • Higher rankings in Organic Search
  • Keyword Ranking and Autonomous Indexing employed by search engines like Yahoo, Google and many others
  • Artificial Intelligence Advancements employed by Google SEO
  • URLs having query strings
  • Organic Search Marketing
  • Higher Organic Keyword Rankings
  • Content Management Systems

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